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Madia Bannie

My name is Madia Bannie and I’m the owner of MadMinks and Brows. After becoming certified in Mink lash extension, Microblading and Microshading eyebrow artistry. I decided to launch my lash line, MadMinks. I’ve always loved lashes. I love how different lash styles could change up your makeup look from a natural beat to a dramatic and bold look. Before learning different makeup techniques to building a "full beat", my normal makeup consisted of two important things, a filled in brow and lash strips.  My line of lashes is like no other. It caters to every woman and their unique styles. Each of my lash names represents something that’s very special to me along with the beauty of Africa and it's beautiful Queens. MadMinks lashes are durable than your local beauty supply lashes. Each lash style is lightweight and has been tested to wear up to 25 times or more with proper care.  Overall, MadMinks has the quality you are looking for, and the statement piece to stand out. MadMinks is a brand that you've been missing out on, so t's only right to shop your next lash style with me!

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